Bill Casner

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Bill Casner

 I first was introduced to the Haygain hay steamer at the 2010 World Equestrian Games. I have been on a constant quest to find ways of improving the contaminated respiratory environments that our horses live in most of their lives. We had wetted our hay in the past to diminish the dust but the Haygain hay steamer offered so much more. It not only eliminates the dust that is so problematic, but it also kills most of the bacteria and fungal spores that can contribute to inflammatory airway disease (IAD). An added benefit of steaming hay is creating a more highly digestible ration, with a higher absorbability of nutrients. Steaming the hay also helps to protect against colic. I have been using the Haygain steamers at my training facility in Texas for 2 years with significant results. I have also provided them to my trainer Eoin Harty for use at the racetrack. The logic and need for the steamer is obvious. IAD is ongoing problem with so many horses. Their respiratory systems are constantly challenged, especially at the racetrack, where stalls continually accumulate dust and pathogens. If horses are to achieve their athletic potential, it is essential that we work to provide them with as clean a breathing environment as possible. I commend Haygain for recognizing the need and their goal of developing products that we can use to better manage the respiratory system of the horse.


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