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Boiler Maintenance: Essential Cleaning and Descaling Tips

Kim F Miller
Equestrian writer

Boiler Maintenance: Cleaning

Recommended Weekly

1. Switch power to OFF.

2. Unplug the boiler from the power outlet.

3. Ensure boiler is cool (Allow at least 30 minutes after steaming & never put cool water on a hot boiler.)

4. Disconnect the steam hose from the hay chest by pulling back the quick release fitting on the hose, then pulling the fitting off the connector to hay chest.

5. Drain water from the hose.

6. Unscrew the cap on boiler and remove any debris from inside it.

7. Using the funnel, carefully pour in up to half-gallon of clean tap water, filling the boiler half-way.

8. Remove funnel, screw on the cap and tighten it.

9. Shake the boiler to remove any loose material, then empty that water into a drain or container.

10. Repeat these steps until the water is clear and clean coming out of the boiler: usually 5-8 times.

11. Replace the cap and reconnect the hose to chest.

Boiler Maintenance: Descaling

1. Clean the boiler per the steps outlined above.

2. Leave the hose disconnected from the chest.

3. Follow the packet instructions for dissolving the descaler: dissolve one packet into 3 liters of warm water.

4. Using the funnel, carefully pour the diluted solution into the steam generator.

5. Screw on and tighten the cap.

6. Turn boiler power switch ON.

7. When water starts to boil and steam comes out of the hose, switch the power off.

8. Unplug boiler from power outlet.

9. Let sit for at least 3 hours, overnight is recommended. Double check that boiler is labeled as "not usable: being descaled."

10. Shake the boiler to remove any loose material.

11. Empty the water into a drain or container.

12. Clean the boiler per instructions until water is clear when it comes out.

How Often

Limescale can build up in the steam generator. To prevent damage to the steam generator, descale on a regular basis. The frequency of descaling depends on how often you steam hay and how hard your local water supply is.

Please use the following guidelines:

*Clearly label the boiler during descaling to prevent it being used for hay steaming. The descaler product can be a health hazard if ingested by your horse.

*Haygain recommends its descaler product. Use only food-grade descalers to avoid risk to your horse's health. Vinegar-based solutions are not effective enough at removing limescale and often result in only softening, not removing, limescale build-up.


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