Andrew Welles Teams Up With Haygain

Team Welles is excited to join the Haygain “steam team!”

Haygain’s innovative hay steaming equipment helps to improve the health and performance of horses and the “steam team” is a phrase we like to use to describe those who have discovered the benefits of steaming hay for their horses.   

Kim Miller
Equestrian writer, Feb 3, 2020

Team Welles is thrilled with their hay steamers from Haygain 

Team Welles reports that Haygain's hay steamers have helped to reduce coughing and other common hay-related ailments in their horses. "We are very excited to add Haygain to our operation. The science behind it is concrete and the results have been proven over and over again. Our horses are real athletes and they need the best nutrition possible to perform at their best," Andrew Welles commented. "We really believe that steaming the hay helps get rid of toxins and eliminates the dust that often causes horses to cough during work and in competition. On top of all of the benefits, the horses seem to like it more too!"   

We are very excited to add Haygain to our operation. The science behind it is concrete and the results have been proven over and over again," states Andrew Welles.

Research on reducing equine respiratory risks at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, England, was the catalyst for Haygain's formation in 2009. The research led to the development of high-temperature hay steaming, which drastically reduces the dust, mold, bacteria and fungi found in even top-quality hays around the world. Those breathable irritants are largely responsible for the respiratory problems that affect over 80 percent of active sport horses, often without obvious symptoms.   

Andrew talks about the benefits of hay consistency when using Haygain hay steamers

Andrew talks about how Haygain hay steamers are easy to add into a barn routine 

Haygain's three hay steaming models reduce breathable irritants by 98 percent and have become must-haves for horse owners all over the world - from elite international competitors to all riders and owners who want the best care for their horses. Haygain's high-temperature hay steaming has been proven to reduce by 64% the chance of contracting Inflammatory Airway Disease, the most prevalent condition on the Equine Asthma Spectrum.      

How can Haygain help your horse?

Haygain hay steamers off a range of health benefits for horse owners; from respiratory health, to digestive health, hydration, palatability, performance and skin condition. Find out how Haygain hay steamers can help your horse today by clicking on the links below.