Haygain Sponsors Caledon Equestrian Park Competition

HG 600 Hay Steamer offered to High Point Trainer.

Kim Miller
Equestrian writer | August 14, 2020

Haygain is proud to sponsor five first-rate hunter/jumper competitions at Caledon Equestrian Park in Ontario, Canada. A High Point Trainer Award highlights this new partnership, providing an HG 600 Hay Steamer, valued at $2,495, to the winner at the series' October 4 conclusion.

 After 11 years of extensive effort to protect and improve horse health, Haygain appreciates and supports the extensive efforts of show organizers, the Equestrian Management Group, and exhibitors to keep people safe by adhering to strict COVID protocols during these events.

 Haygain is a science-backed horse health company providing holistic, non-medication solutions to modern horse keeping challenges. Haygain Hay Steamers reduce up to 99% of the dust, fungi, bacteria and other allergens found even in hay of top nutrient quality. High-temperature steamed hay protects respiratory health and improves digestion, hydration and appetite.

 Haygain's ComfortStall Sealed Orthopedic Flooring provides cushion for joints and comfort for deep rest and sleep. Only enough bedding to absorb urine is required, and less bedding equals cleaner barn air. ComfortStall's durable rubber, single-piece top cover is sealed to the stall wall, preventing urine seepage and unhealthy ammonia build-up that occurs with traditional stall mats.

 The sponsorship of CEP competition began with the Equestrian Festival in late July. It continues with the Summer Festival Aug. 4-9; the Autumn Classic Sept. 16-20; the Canadian Show Jumping Tournament Sept. 23-27; and the Autumn Classic, Sept. 30-Oct. 4. The HG 600 steamer will be awarded to the High Point Trainer at the close of this show.

Education & Outreach

This partnership's timing coincides with more exciting developments coming out of Ontario: Haygain's new alliances with the Ontario Equestrian association and with top young professional Kristjan Good.

 Good began using a hay steamer when two horses in his show barn developed a mild cough. Aware that even sporadic coughs can be an indicator of respiratory problems that affect over 80 percent of active sport horses, Kristjan was quick to address the problem. "I'd always wanted a Haygain Hay Steamer, so I went ahead and bought one," he explains. Within a week of switching to the high-temperature steamed hay, the coughing stopped. "The only thing that changed was steaming their hay."

 Haygain hay steaming was first made commercially available in the U.K. in 2009. Since then, it was been embraced by international competitors and recreational horse owners throughout Europe and the United States.

 Haygain's Vice President of Marketing, Bee Richardson, describes the Caledon Equestrian Park shows as a perfect launch point for the company's educational and marketing efforts in Canada. "Canadians care deeply about their horses' well-being," observes Richardson, an Ontario equestrian herself. "There is a great deal of scientific research confirming our products' benefits, but our most compelling stories typically come from equestrians like Kristjan shortly after they incorporate Hay Steaming or ComfortStall flooring. They speak for themselves in the form of clear benefits for horse health, well-being and performance. Haygain welcomes the chance to share these stories and support CEP exhibitors this season."

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 For more information on the Caledon Equestrian Park, visit www.caledonequestrianpark.com and follow @caledonequestrianpark on Instagram and @Caledonpark on Facebook.

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