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This study found that given the choice steamed hay was preferred over dry and soaked hay. HAYGAIN steamed hay, once tasted was always the first to be consumed.

Moore-Colyer, M.J.S. and Payne, V.2013 Palatability and ingestion behaviour of 6 polo ponies offered a choice of dry, soaked and steamed hay for 1 hour on three separate occasions. Advances in Animal Biosciences. Healthy Food from Healthy Animals. Vol 3 part 1. p127

This research used four different hays with varying degrees of quality and showing that a 50 minute steam in the HAYGAIN HG1000 was effective at reducing respirable particles in all hays, whether only slightly dusty or highly contaminated.

5th European Workshop for Equine Nutrition, Cirencester, Sept 2010.Stockdale, C and Moore-Colyer, M.J.S2010 Steaming hay for horses: The effect of three different treatments on the respirable particle numbers in hay treated in the Haygain steamer. The Impact of nutrition on the health and welfare of horses. EAAP publication No. 128. Ed Ellis, A., Longland, A.C., Coenen, M and Miraglia, N. p136-138

This study showed the nutritional profile of the hay basically stays the same after a 50 minute cycle in the HAYGAIN HG1000 taking the average of 30 different hays. The only nutrient lost was WSC (sugar) which was a small but significant reduction.

Proceedings of British Society of Animal Science Conference, Nottingham April 2013.James, R. and Moore-Colyer, M.J.S.2013 Hay for horses: The nutrient content of hay before and after steam treatment in a commercial hay steamer. p102
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