88% airway inflammation

88% of stabled horses studies suffer from airway inflammation*, and 1 in 4 people working with horses also have respiratory conditions.

Respirable dust in hay is a significant factor.The Haygain hay steamer is the only scientifically proven method for purifying hay

  • Eliminating virtually all respirable dust particles
  • Killing mould, bacteria, fungal spores and mites
  • Aiding in the management of laminitic, colic prone and post-operative horses

*Dr. Julie Dauvillier and Dr. Emmanuelle van Erck-Westergren, 2018

Why is it important to steam hay?

Airway inflammation is detrimental to the horse’s comfort and performance. Respiratory disorders are the second most common cause of lost training days in the racing industry.

Steaming hay can:

  • Reduce respirable particles by 94%
  • Reduce mould, fungi, yeast and bacteria by 99%
And 100% of horses tested preferred steamed hay over dry and soaked