Alex Bragg

Growing up with horses it was inevitable that Alex would have a career within the equestrian world. Alex enjoyed success as a child in pony club mounted games before concentrating on show jumping. Alex then took a break from riding at the age of sixteen but continued working with horses where he began his training to become a registered farrier. Alex qualified with distinction starting his own horse shoeing business, which is how he met his wife Simmone. It was with Simmone that he had his first insight into eventing and then began to ride and compete horses again. Today he has significantly reduced his farrier commitments in pursuit of more success as an event rider.

  • Alex was the best Brit at Aachen, Germany where he also won the Ride and       Drive spectacular in front of a full house of 50,000 people
  • Since his 4* debut at Burghley in 2016, Alex has competed at all four                   European 4* events with in one calendar year
  • 2nd in the CCI-S 4* at Burnham market 2019
  • 3rd in the CCI-S 4* at Barbury 2019
  • 3rd in the CCI-S 4* at Tattersalls 2019 

“We try and keep everything as consistent as possible, so to keep the hay as best quality as is possible we buy the best hay that we can, but we also steam all of our hay using the Haygain steamers. So that basically reduces the dust to a minimum and kills any bacteria off in the hay. [It] smells beautiful so the horses love it when it comes out, it’s a really sweet smell!”