Beat Mändli

Swiss show jumper Beat Mändli was born to professional equestrian parents and he took to the sport quickly, enthusiastically and successfully as a young rider. He moved to England as a young professional, riding for several top stables and sponsors while becoming a fixture in European circuit winners circles. Since 2014, Beat has coached and ridden horses for young American jumping rider Katie Dinan, based out of New York and Florida and spending ample time competing abroad. He’s firmly focused on the 2020 Olympics, which would be his third Olympic Games.

  • World Cup Finals Champion in 2007 
  • World Equestrian Games in 2006
  • Olympic Team Silver in 2000
  • Olympics in 1996

“Travelling a lot, obviously you can’t always take your own hay and you don’t always know where it comes from. The biggest advantage of Haygain is that we can make sure it’s clean and healthy.” On the road or at home, Beat says he and Katie’s horses rarely get colds, coughs or illnesses. “I really think that’s a lot because of the steamed hay.”