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Clean Hay Is a Kentucky Consensus
Steam Teamers set to tackle the Land Rover Kentucky, starting Thursday! 
A Very Happy Holiday
Steamed Hay is a Christmas gift that keeps on giving for amateur British eventer and popular vlogger.
Miniature horse breed's unique health concerns are well addressed by steamed hay for Combined Driving youngster in Texas.
Flicka Foundation's favourite senior citizen donkey brought back to health with help from Haygain Steamed Hay.
Wren Burnley, DVM, Speaks on Peak Equine Respiratory Health
Free Webinar - March 29 @ 7pm EST.
Haygain Hay Steaming Helps Hard Hit Farm Cope with EHV-1 Outbreak
Venturing Hills continues to fight for its horses lives in week 6 of battle with neurological strain of EHV-1.
Haygain Helps with EHV-1 Precautionary & Management Measures
Just as the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to be slightly easing its toll on people, horses fell victim to their own fast-spreading virus with dire health consequences: the equine herpes virus,...
Love At First Step
Charlotte Dujardin puts a spring in her horses' stride with innovative flooring.
Keep Things Steamy All Year Long
Our Valentines Offer is here!
Lockdown Life with Selena O'Hanlon
Olympic eventer Selena O'Hanlon makes the most of lockdown life with creative fitness exercises and steamed cleaned hay to combat the unique allergy challenges presented by indoor horse keeping.
Pure Perseverance Returns Young Horse to Respiratory Health
At just two-years-old, Cheevas On The Rocks has undergone more than her fair share of health issues and veterinary visits - steamed hay is helping her get back to health
Winter Maintenance
Winter is here! A guide to properly care for your Haygain hay steamer in the colder months. 
Boiler Maintenance: Cleaning & Descaling
A guide on how to properly clean and descale your boiler.
Happy healthy Holidays from Haygain!
Haygain and its four legged family all around the globe wish you a very healthy and happy holiday!
Hay Steaming Starter Pack Joins the Haygain Line-Up
New Starter Packs add ease and convenience to everyday hay steaming.
Better Barn Air
Sweet smell of steamed hay replaces the unhealthy odors that accumulate with soaked hay.

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