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Coming In from The Cold
A 50% increase in exposure to inhalable irritants is one of several reasons the indoor environment requires extra consideration when it comes to horse health.
Haygain Brings the Steam to Terrific GRIT Training Camp
The benefits of High Temperature Hay Steaming were among the topics examined to help young riders advance their horsemanship.
Hay Steamer is a Happy, Helpful Surprise at Starfish Equine Rescue
Supporting horse health and stretching the budget are Haygain benefits at the home of two OTTBs headed for next week's Thoroughbred Makeover.
Evidence Is Everything in Sport Horse Management
Canadian show jumper Sean Jobin and sport science expert Tim Worden, PhD, advocate evidence-based approaches to horse management, performance & longevity.
Boutique Sporthorse Breeding Program Embraces Steamed Hay's Range of Benefits
Ontario hunter/jumper breeder grows her own hay and finds Haygain valuable for maximizing the harvest and having on hand for allergic emergencies.
Renowned Veterinarian and Researcher Dr. Hilary Clayton has High Praise for The Forager Slow Feeder
Well-known veterinarian, researcher, author and horse owner trials the latest addition to The Haygain Way and conveys high praise.
Home & Away: Steamed Hay is Here to Stay for Team Irwin Dressage
Haygain is proud to welcome Tina & Jaimey Irwin of Irwin Dressage aboard the Steam Team!
The Haygain Way
Hay Steamers, The Forager and ComfortStall are entry points for path to well-being and peak performance.
The Air Out There
New study confirms that air pollution harms horses, too.
Steam Powered Successes in Tokyo
Seeing these equine stars dance, gallop and soar on the world's biggest stage was ample reward for Haygain's contributions. And we can't help but brag a bit and recap the...
Millar Brooke South's Kelly and Jonathon Millar Jump onto the Haygain #SteamTeam
Haygain is proud to have Kelly and Jonathon Millar feeding Haygain Steamed Hay to their horses. 
Canadian Olympian Jacquie Brooks Sees Steamed Hay as New Standard in Horse Care
Two-time Canadian dressage Olympian Jacquie Brooks has seen many horse care fads in her 20-plus years in the sport. Haygain Steamed Hay isn't one of them.
To Steam Or Not To Steam?
Young jumping professional goes from skeptical to completely sold on Haygain Hay Steaming.
Steamed Hay is a Constant Through an Otherwise Topsy-Turvy Time for Equestrian Artist Alizée Froment
A lot has changed for the French rider Alizée Froment in recent years. The classic dressage defender and renowned equestrian artist had her daughter Louise, who is now 3 years...
A retired team penner gets help keeping Severe Equine Asthma under control.
If You're Hot, Your Horse is Hotter
Hot weather horse management keys on hydration, smart scheduling and maximizing breezes

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