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Steamed Hay Helps Horse Owners say
Haygain High Temperature Steaming reduces up to 99% of the respirable particles in hay and that includes many particles that trigger allergic reactions in our horses. That's why it's a...
Horse Health Benefits with a Bottom Line Bonus
Set on 110 acres in Ashburn, Ontario, Lake House Stables is an equestrian facility that offers a progressive developmental pathway for both horse and rider at every level. From public...
Allergy Season All Year
"He's allergic to everything!" We horse owners hear and say that a lot. Sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, Laboured breathing, head shaking, hives and other skin conditions can all be safely described as...
Forage Forward: Why Haygain Crops Up in Equine Nutrition Discussions
Haygain does not make horse feed. So you might wonder why we are often mentioned in discussions on equine nutrition. It’s because we do make equipment that enables horse owners...
Get The Diet Right!
  “Inappropriate diets!” That was Equine Scientist Meriel Moore-Colyer’s immediate answer when asked about her biggest pet peeve in a recent This Business of Horses podcast.
Horse Owner's Guide: Laminitis Part 1
Download Your Horse Owner's Guide to Laminitis
A Horse’s Happy New Year
A healthy horse is a happy horse.
Haygain Sales to Support World Horse Welfare through December.
Haygain is proud to announce the contribution of 2% of all sales to World Horse Welfare, from Dec. 6 – Dec. 31, 2022.  The contributions will come from the sales...
This Business of Horses
Spikes, skepticism, and solutions featured in popular podcast on Haygain’s evolution.
Beyond Soundness
Mitigating Respiratory Risks for Our Stabled Horses
For more tips on making the stable environment more natural and healthier for our horses, download Haygain's e-book "Optimizing the Stable Environment."
Meet Stephanie Brownbill
XB Equestrian puts a young show jumper’s dreams into high gear.
Optimizing the Stable Environment
Download our new e-book now!
World Championships: Here come the Hay Steamers!
The Steam Teamers contesting these Games carry the flags of 12 different countries yet galloped to Denmark on the common ground of prioritizing their horses’ health above all else. That’s...

Looking for something specific? Use the search bar in the menu at the top of the page. 

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