Weight Management

The Forager ensures horses on a diet can have constant access to hay while not being able to over eat or gorge. 

  • The design of The Forager Regulators ensures small bites of hay are taken on each mouthful. Compared to loose hay, The Forager can significantly increase the feeding time. See chart below for the comparison research.    

  • It's well known that a healthy digestive system requires constant access to hay however this is not always easy when a horse needs to be on a diet. The Forager provides the right balance of ensuring hay is constantly supplied to the stomach while preventing horses from over-eating or gorging.  

  • Forage restriction can create a hormonal fat-storing response - when hay is given in small amounts intermittently the horse will store more fat as it resorts to survival mode. This can lead to obesity. 


"I thought this product was fab."

"It helped me as much as my horse! Kept the bed much tidier so mucking out was a doddle."

"He appears much calmer with The Forager in his stable; definitely doesn't box-walk as much."

"For once his hay lasted all night!"

"We normally have so much wastage from their forage being mixed with the bedding, so more than anything it has saved us a fortune!"

What is Haygain's Slow Feeding Forager?

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More Benefits of The Forager

Weight Management is just one of the many benefits of The Forager. The Forager is the ideal slow feeder that encourages a natural slow and steady way of eating forage to ensure your horse stays healthy and happy.